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I love my work. It's everything I've ever loved about life: sport, fitness, connection, and the endless pursuit of discovering what the human body is capable of becoming, and achieving. 


Writing gives me the opportunity to share the insights I have gained from my own competitive spirit as a runner and triathlete most of my life, and from the experiences that 17 years of coaching athletes of all ages, abilities and sports has continued to offer.  


All the injuries, victories, and reflective moments I have been privileged to call my own as an athlete, and witness to as a coach, are sure to provide you with a healthy dose of humor and insight into the mind body connection that's always at work in our enduring pursuit of happiness, honor, and success.


As you'll come to see through the threads of my posts, everything good in life, and sport, ultimately begins with just one right move. Not 10. Not 20. Just one move in the right direction.  Welcome to one of mine.

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